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Leading & Learning Educational Consulting

We provide a supportive approach and plan that helps students identify and gain admission into schools that fit them best. Navigating the college selection and application process is time-intensive and stressful: not just for students, but also for parents. We provide students with a team of highly attentive, experienced, and unbiased professionals who work one-on-one to help each family and student navigate the complexities of this journey together, in healthy, balanced ways.

Who we consult

We offer educational consulting services to middle school, high school, undergraduate, and graduate students, and their parents, who are looking for an honest, supportive team to aid them through this complex process.

Why Leading & Learning’s Educational Consulting Program?

Our founder, Dr. Erik Shane, and his team navigate the educational consulting process with your child. Parents and students will always feel heard and supported throughout the journey, freeing each family member from so much stress while empowering them and providing them with a sense of calm and control. This coherent approach invites parents and students to make balanced decisions.

We identify the best fit schools for students based on their personalities, abilities, interests, financial circumstances, and long-term goals. We take the long view on education, helping families see the bigger picture because that is the best way to ensure long-term success and stability.

Dr. Shane and his Leading & Learning team were invaluable partners in our son’s college application process.Glenn D.Son attending University of California–Los Angeles in Los Angeles, CA
I was so stressed about the college application process that was coming my way—until I landed a meeting with Dr. Shane.Clara S.New York University Stern in New York City, NY
Hace varios años que estoy con Leading & Learning. Con tres hijos en College me han ayudado muchísimo. El equipo es super recomendable, desde el monitor, clases de tutor y guía personalizada. ¡Muy feliz de recomendarlos!Bernarda A.Son attending University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL
Leading & Learning were especially helpful during the application process. They broke down what seemed like a daunting list of requirements , forms, and essays into manageable sized tasks. Our son was able to focus on a few assignments at a time and, with consistent effort, was able to complete all of his applications well before their deadlines.Glenn D.Son attending University of California–Los Angeles in Los Angeles, CA
My experiences with Leading and Learning have been incredible. The tutoring and consulting services are excellent. All the tutors are engaged and well prepared. Dr. Shane is invested in the kids! His services and knowledge are of great value–but most importantly, he and his team really care about the kids. I have referred Leading & Learning to other families, and each has appreciated the introduction and gotten great results!Alexandra S.Sons attending Cornell University in Ithaca, NY and High School in Miami, FL
Fantastic Service! Helped me through some rough years and guided me when I was clueless on what I would do academically and professionally. If you need any help with organizing and planning your academic career, these guys will put you on the right path.Andres M.Florida International University in Miami, FL
Erik reached out to my wife and me at appropriate times (for example, when discussing the list of schools), but otherwise treated our son as the client…and as an adult. I was initially skeptical of the value that a college counseling firm could bring to the process but am incredibly grateful to Erik and the L&L team. They were available to, and supportive of, my son every step of the way and removed the mystery, stress, and drama that we’ve seen other families endure during the college application process.Glenn D.Son attending University of California–Los Angeles in Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Shane and his team were extremely helpful during my college application process. Not only did they help me get into college, they helped me find one that fit me best. The entire process was great and helpful from choosing schools, to writing essays, to filling out the applications. I would recommend him and his team to anyone.Gordon G.Kelley School of Business at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN

How it works?

  • 1

    Team Intake Meeting

    Discuss goals and objectives and gather relevant information

  • 2

    School List

    Collaborate on list development based on established criteria and objectives

  • 3

    Essay Team

    Identify which essays are needed and work with student on their development

  • 4


    Team gathers and populates applications with the necessary data

  • 5


    Advise student and family on testing calendar while helping to identify which tests to take

  • 6

    Application Submission

    Guide family on submission deadlines and process

  • 7

    College Selection

    Evaluate options and help each family make their final selection

  • 8


    Advise on course selection throughout relationship