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Leading & Learning Shepherding

Our Shepherding Program is designed to help struggling students gain command of their lives while becoming confident, independent learners. Our compassionate team members mentor students, and show them how to improve their study skills, stay organized, and manage their time. Our approach illuminates that with structure in place, students can achieve great things while relieving both parents and kids of undue anxiety and stress.

Learning should be about responsibility and joy, not avoidance or guilt.

Who we Shepherd

We shepherd middle school, high school, college-aged, and graduate level students who are underperforming, struggling academically (on probation, failing classes), or need extra guidance and support to do their best work and realize success. We also serve students who are working disproportionately and struggling with achieving a balance between their schoolwork and life.

Why Leading & Learning’s Shepherding Program?

The Shepherding program grew out of Dr. Shane’s own experiences as a student and educator. The Shepherding team gets it. We understand fully that not all students learn in the same ways, and need consistent, compassionate support to build the skills needed to achieve academic and life success. Put simply, kids need to learn how to study instead of simply being told to “do your homework.” Often, when parents come to us for help, their family has already suffered both financially and emotionally. Leading & Learning wants to stop that dynamic and get things back on track.

Our Shepherding program takes that dimension of the responsibility of monitoring students off of their parents’ shoulders and gently places it back on the student—with us traveling alongside them, teaching them how to manage their responsibilities successfully. Ultimately, when kids succeed, the benefits reverberate throughout their lives: at school, at home, within themselves, and in their parents’ lives. We know we’ve succeeded when a student and their parents don’t need us anymore—and we’re happy to see them go because we know they will be equipped to thrive.

Hace varios años que estoy con Leading & Learning. Con tres hijos en College me han ayudado muchísimo. El equipo es super recomendable, desde el monitor, clases de tutor y guía personalizada. ¡Muy feliz de recomendarlos!Bernarda A.Son attending University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL
We have used Leading & Learning's shepherding, tutoring, and ACT prep services for our son and have been very pleased with the results. My son gets along great with the tutors, and the shepherding team has assisted him with his organizational skills while helping to keep him on track with deadlines and assignments. Their entire team is professional, knowledgeable and compassionate and our family has truly enjoyed working with them.Kathy P.Son attending High School in Miami, FL
Fantastic Service! Helped me through some rough years and guided me when I was clueless on what I would do academically and professionally. If you need any help with organizing and planning your academic career, these guys will put you on the right path.Andres M.Florida International University in Miami, FL

How It Works

  • 1

    Intake Call

    Review transcripts, relevant documents, and historical narrative

  • 2

    Identify Needs

    Define a plan of action

  • 3

    Initial Meeting

    Student, monitor, Shepherding Director, and parents set goals and discuss expectations

  • 4

    Establish Schedule

    Coordinate meeting times and develop student’s study schedule with the student

  • 5

    Send Frequent Updates

    Remind student of assignments and work to be completed in real time

  • 6

    Provide Weekly Evaluations and Updates

    Provide reports showing weekly progress and other information vital to each student's journey

  • 7

    Follow up

    Ensure success and advise on course selection each semester or school year